Charging10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra CompactMi 10000 mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank

Mi 10000 mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank


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Product Description

10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact, Travel light with a small portable power charger

  • 10000 mAh high capacity, ultra-compact
  • Compact design ,This mini power bank fits right in your pocket
  • Fully charged in 3.5 hours
  • High-quality battery core
  • USB-A/USB-C for an output of up to 22.5 W
  • Smart fast charging
  • Simultaneous charging for smartphones, tablets and the Switch
  • USB-C two-way fast charging Faster power bank charging experience
  • This portable power charger is easy to use and supports low-current charging